Ask a Reporter

Want to know why that road project is taking so long to complete? Wondering what ever became of a criminal suspect or an unsolved case? Curious as to how long that vacant building along Route 11 has been empty? Our reporters pick up a lot of facts as they go about their day-to-day business of newsgathering. Much of that ends up in their stories, printed one day and gone the next. But you can tap their knowledge (or at least their ability to quickly check their stories in the electronic library) to get your questions answered. If you're looking for a straight answer about something that's been bugging you for a while, ask our reporters. We can't promise to answer everything, but we'll make an honest effort to respond to those questions that we can. We're reporters. You can trust us on that.
Be sure to include enough detail. (i.e., "Is it illegal to sleep on a refrigerator outside in Pennsylvania?" and not "Is it illegal to sleep on a refrigerator?")
We'll need this to go any further. If you want to submit an anonymous tip, you can use this form or place a virtual call to '30 Seconds'.
At least a town is required. We don't need your street address. But if you're dying to give it out, go right ahead.
We'll need a way to get in touch with you, both to give you an answer, and in case we have any questions on your question.
'Ask a Reporter' is a new feature we're just trying out. Here's your chance to tell us how we can make it better. Don't hold back! We can take it.
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